Jennifer provides a number of services that utilise her qualifications and experience woven together with her passion for plants, the outdoors, the environment, natural ecosystems and indigenous permaculture systems learned from her time at Tiki Tiki Marae.

Plant Sales


Nature+Design has over 120 different plant species for sale with a wide range of native trees, shrubs and hedging, ground covers, ornamentals and fruit trees

Depending on size, the plants come in either pots or plastic bags, from 2L to 135L which can be 2.5 – 3.0 meters tall.

Check out the gallery for a picture of each plant along with a description of primary characteristics.



Property Plan

A property plan is an overall design of all elements based on permaculture principles, starting with water, then tracks, pathways and drive, house and fencing. This in turn dictates the placement of shelter belts and planting.

The property plan looks at all available natural resources along with the topography of the land and organises all elements of design in one cohesive plan which determines the best way to utilise those available resources.

The property plan can be either hand drawn or produced using computer assisted design (CAD), and can include overlays of soil types, climate and topography. It provides a specific plan of action and allows you to proceed with the plan at your own pace.

And of course, a property plan saves you time and money, maximises and optimises use of natural resources and adds value to your property which is usually far greater than the cost.

Property plan Sandhills Rd
Prop plan aerial
fibonacci sequence - golden ratio
Planting Plan

A planting plan will determine the number of plants required, the type of plant and the placement of those plants. It will also advise what soil preparation is required as well as any mulches and fertilisers.

The factors included in a planting plan include soil types and moisture levels, climate, mature plant size and growth rates, as well as consideration of any maintenance and aftercare.

The planting plan will provide you with a CAD drawing showing the number, size, type and placement of plants which enables you to determine the cost, get it right first time and benefit from saving time and money.

Planting plan.jpg
DRACENA DRACO - Dragon Tree.jpg

Consultancy Services

LOCA VOREZ APRIL 2011 029.jpeg

With her qualifications in Horticulture, Permaculture Design, Iwi Environmental Management, Resource Planning and Autocad Engineering, along with experience in relevant fields in the UK and NZ, Jennifer can provide you with advice in a number of areas.

Garden Remodelling

The right advice can go a long way to rejuvenate and revitalise your existing garden if it is looking a bit tired.

Regenerative Systems

Advice on the best way to plant riparian strips, gullies and erosion prone slopes can help you improve water quality.

Resource Management Planning

Advice to ensure all your activities such as water use, subdivision and land use comply with the RMA and you attain the necessary consents.

Garden Coaching

Fill in the gap in your knowledge to help you achieve your garden dreams.

English town plan.jpg
Carbon Footprint Audit

An audit of your carbon footprint and subsequent recommendations can show you how to reduce your impact on climate change and an increasingly fragile world.

riparian strip.jpg